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Funeral planning can be a difficult process while grieving the loss of a loved one. Having a funeral can provide those who are grieving a place to receive support, come to terms with their loss, say goodbye, and honor their loved one’s life. Being surrounded by family and friends lets everyone share stories and memories while creating a lasting support system as everyone begins their grief journey.



With over a century of helping San Antonio area families, we have the knowledge and experience to arrange any type of funeral service, in keeping with any religious or cultural tradition, and in forms as simple or as elaborate as personal preference may require. The most frequently requested service options are given below:

Burial Services

Depending on your personal preferences, there are several services to choose from for a loved one’s burial:

  • For immediate burial, your loved one will be buried or entombed without a public service or gathering.
  • A visitation, also called a viewing, calling hours, or wake, lets everyone gather together in a room with your loved one in an open or closed casket to say goodbye and comfort the bereaved.
  • Funeral or memorial services can be held at a funeral home, church, or even your home. The service is for celebrating and honoring your loved one’s life. Both the visitation and service can be personalized to your loved one’s passions.
  • Graveside, chapel, or committal services take place at the cemetery. This allows for people to be present as their loved one is transferred to his or her final resting place through ground burial.

Cremation Services

Cremation has become the choice of a growing number of people, and for a variety of reasons. Some feel it is a more natural process than a burial. Others make the choice based on environmental concerns or because it fulfills a religious, spiritual, or cultural tradition. For cremation services, we strongly encourage you to hold a visitation and funeral service to honor your loved one’s life. We can provide numerous options:

  • Simple cremation and delivery of the ashes to the family.
  • Cremation followed by burial or inurnment-with or without a service.
  • Memoral service after cremation-with or without the urn present
  • Visitation and/or a traditional service in our chapel or a church before the cremation.

For those interested in a cremation memorial service, we offer the use of an urn arc as a respectful way to memorialize and transport your loved one at a church, chapel, or cemetery. The urn arc allows for the honor of pallbearers, creating a sense of participation that is often lacking in many cremation ceremonies. It also highlights the urn and makes it a focal point, regardless of shape or size. The urn arc is a versatile piece that can be utilized in many ways, with space on each side for you to display photos or small floral pieces. Be sure to ask our team members about the different setup options available, if you’d like to use an urn arch in your loves one’s ceremony.

After the cremation and services, there are several options for your loved one’s final disposition:

  • Interment is when you bury or entomb your loved one's cremated remains. This can be in a family plot, memorial site, cremation columbarium in a niche or urn garden, or other indoor and outdoor locations. Please reach out to our staff for a detailed list of interment options.
  • Graveside cremation services are similar to traditional ground burials, as everyone is at the burial of the cremated remains and honor your loved one through other meaningful tributes.
  • Scattering is when you spread your loved one's cremated remains in a memorial garden, cemetery, over water, or another significant location. You also can choose to scatter some of the cremated remains and retain the rest in an urn for interment or another form of disposition.
  • By placing cremated remains in multiple urns, family members who live in different locations can each have their loved one's final resting place close to them.

Green Burial Services

If your loved one was passionate about the environment or enjoyed spending time outdoors, a green burial service may be the perfect way to honor their memory. It’s a meaningful way to pay tribute to their legacy while also being eco-friendly.

Porter Loring is a proud member of the nonprofit Green Burial Council, which aims to “see eco-friendly end-of-life rituals become a viable option for honoring the dead, healing the living, and inviting the divine.”

Our staff prides itself in offering a variety of green burial options. For more information about green burial services, please contact our staff.

Payment Options

We don't want your family to feel like you must settle on arrangement options due to your financial circumstances. That’s why we have multiple online payment options to help you plan the funeral that your loved one deserves:

  • We accept payments online via all major credit cards — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can use our online payment platform to conveniently and securely pay by a credit card today. Please do not make your payment with a credit or debit card issued only in the name of your deceased loved one.
  • You can call our accounting department to process ACH payments and transfer funds directly from your bank account to pay for funeral services.
  • If your loved one has a life insurance policy you want to use for funeral expenses, please reach out to us. For a small fee, we can get a portion of your claim funded immediately instead of waiting 30-90 days for the insurance companies to pay out. We’ll also handle all the paperwork, saving you time and stress.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want more information.

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