Bobby Joe Pinkerton

                    August 21, 1927  -  October 15, 2002

Life Legacy

COL Bobby Joe Pinkerton, USA Ret., 75, of Norman, Oklahoma, died Tuesday, October 15, 2002 in Norman, Oklahoma. Bob was born August 21, 1927 in Enid, Oklahoma, to Lester Ernest and Minnie Janet Flanagan Pinkerton. He was raised in Kansas and married Barbara Beth Grandy on August 24, 1947. Bob Pinkerton was a remarkable man in every way a person can be measured. He was a professional career soldier who loved his country and served selflessly in combat in three wars, a people person who left an outstanding legacy with the many soldiers and friends he met and influenced over many years, always by example, and an exceptional Christian who practiced what was preached and had little tolerance for hypocrites. He was honest in everything he did and was one of the few men still around whose "word was his bond" -- always, and without exception. He loved a good joke, particularly if it was on himself, had a rare talent for putting people at ease, made even casual strangers feel as if he was their best friend, and yet a realist who had an unusually intuitive talent for seeing the base cause of any problem and getting quickly to the roots of the solution without fanfare or tooting his own horn. Bob had an brilliant intellect reinforced with uncommon common sense, but never tried to put down those less gifted, understood people and had great empathy for others, and with little apparent effort touched many people in so many positive ways. One of the very few of whom it can be accurately and honestly claimed "he never had an enemy," his charisma and enthusiasm was contagious, and his warm sense of humor and sincere concern for others dominated his every thought. But mainly, Bob Pinkerton was a family man through and through. In spite of the hardships associated with military life, including many combat tours overseas where he was separated for years from his family, he was foremost thinking of and devoted to his family. He often said that the best thing that ever happened to him was convincing Barbara to marry him, the next best thing was his two children, Susan and Rob, and the nicest thing that ever happened was being a grandfather. Rest in peace, Bob, you earned it, and you richly deserve it. He is survived by his wife, Barbara; daughter, Susan B. Pinkerton; son, Robert K. Pinkerton; grandchildren, Anne, Kathryn, and Elizabeth Oswalt, Robert K. Jr., and Jeb Pickerton, of Richmond, Virginia; and a very dear friend, Major General Guy S. Meloy, USA Ret..

Born: August 21, 1927

Place of Birth: Enid, Oklahoma

Death: October 15, 2002

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